Valentine's Day Lunch Time Sale
Don't Forget Your Money!

DAV   February 6th
MWD February 8th

View Some Of The Reasonably Priced Items That Will Be For Sale

  1. Pens on a rope
    Pens on a rope
  2. Heart Keychain
    Heart Keychain
  3. Stress Toys
    Stress Toys
  4. Heart Bracelet
    Heart Bracelet
  5. Stuffed Owls
    Stuffed Owls
  6. Heart Dog Tag
    Heart Dog Tag
  7. Flashing Necklace
    Flashing Necklace
  8. Silk Rose
    Silk Rose
  9. Folding Fans
    Folding Fans
  10. Rainbow Bracelet
    Rainbow Bracelet
  11. Stampers
  12. Rhinestone Rings
    Rhinestone Rings
  13. Rubber Duckie
    Rubber Duckie
  14. Headband

Don't Forget You Can Pre-Order Chocolate Lollipops

Here are the order forms for each school: