2017-2018 Officers and Chairpersons
Meet Our Board Members
President Elizabeth Lampiasi
Hon Vice President Meredyth Martini
Treasurer Tricia Krapf
Secretary Kimberly Hassounia
Membership Julia Canny

The SEPTA board together with its members, parents and teachers of grades K-12 are dedicated to all of the special students of the
Malverne School District 12.
We bring together parents, teachers, learning specialists and professionals under one umbrella who have an interest in the
special education of children.

We are Available When You Need Us!
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What Are The Goals of SEPTA?

  • Provide information
  • Provide Support¬†
  • Be An Advocacte for Families & Teachers
  • Sponsor Recreational & Enrichment Programs
  • Coordinate Informational Presentations Led by Professionals in the Field of Special Ed
  • Educate Parents About Special Education
  • Help Parents Advocate for Children with Special Needs and their right to an appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment

What is Special Education?
Special education is an individually designed educational program
for children with identified needs.

Becoming a Member
New members are always welcome!
We look forward to collaborating with you!
As active members we can become a powerful voice and team in our children's education simply by being involved,
staying connected and
by sharing ideas and information.